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So, This Is Where We Stand…
August 25, 2010, 13:37
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Let’s face it:  this has been an odd year in the Golden Baseball League.  The League added Maui and Tijuana to last year’s roster of teams, while Long Beach fell off the roster.  Maui has been a stunning addition, taking the first half in the Southern Division, but ran low on funds in the second half and stopped making trips to the mainland for games.  Or at least suspended some of their mainland games.  Tijuana – forced out of the League in 2009 because of swine-flu related economic issues – has had a miserable year and is currently 9 (wins) and 64 (losses) for the season.  The Toros trounced on TJ during their last homestand…and no one felt good about that.  TJ has also been forced off its home field because conditions were too poor there for professional play.  Must be hard on their young team!  Probably a blessing their final game in Tucson was rained out.  TJ is now playing “home” games in Yuma.

Then there’s the weird situation with the Yuma Scorpions, where the league that owned the team didn’t pay the players or staff for the first weeks of the season.  A different group stepped in and took over the team – and I assume things are better there…but it sure made things difficult on players who already suffer with abysmally low wages. 

The St. George Roadrunners suspended operations early in the second half because they were broke, too.  Fortunately the League stepped in, allowing the Roadrunners to resume their season.  We’ll see both St. George and Yuma in the final nine-game homestand at Hi Corbett beginning Thursday.

And the Toros?  Well…still playing .500 ball (essentially), which has kept them in the middle of the pack in the Southern Division in the second half.  If Orange County were to begin a serious losing streak – combined with a winning streak for the Toros (only thing preventing that:  we still have to see Edmonton again…and right now they have all the batting leaders in the GBL) – there might be some chance the Toros would again make it to post-season ball.  I am not betting on that.  Not to be such a pessimist, but in reality, this year’s Toros haven’t played that consistently…and never had a surge in wins like they did in their debut season last year.

But the Toros have still played baseball that is a joy to watch.  We’ve seen some good pitching and our hitters are improving all the time.  But the guy who has held my attention all season is 1B Cristobal Santana.  Not only is Santana in the Top 10 amongst the batting leaders in the League right now, but he plays an amazing first base…seems to enjoy the game…and has practically had a hit in every game he’s played.  I just love this guy!  I hope folks will come out for these final games of 2010 and cheer on this team of ours!  They’re worth it!

As the League has had its ups and downs this year, so I must admit, has this blog.  It may be nothing more than mid-life “crisis,” but the passion I once felt for documenting baseball in this blog has seriously abated.  Those few of you who have read this blog have no doubt noticed this by my lack of posts.  Let’s just call it like it is:  this blog is (and has been – and will continue to be) inactive.  I apologize to those few of you who have been loyal fans of my work here, but I just couldn’t get “into” the groove this year.  At this point, I don’t imagine I’ll ever return to the serious, consistent posting again…but I haven’t decided to kill the site completely.  Yet.  If I make an absolute decision on that, I’ll actually remove the site.

Thank you for your readership.  And don’t forget:  the important thing is to BE THERE in support of local baseball!  Whether that be in Tucson…or your own home town.  Take yourself out to a ballgame!

(Disclaimer – for all Toros away games [and some home games I miss] this blog will be composed from information gleaned from the official GBL stats site at  Additionally, this posting has not been reviewed/approved by Pima County, the City of Tucson, the Tucson Toros, the Reno Aces, Diamondbacks, PCL, MiLB, MLB, Golden Baseball League, National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues, Tucson Baseball LLC, SK Baseball LLC, or any other baseball official and represents the views and biases of the author alone)


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Maybe you just need some smokin’ baseball to blog about.

Comment by Lois B

You have an excellent point, Lois! I guess time will tell if my will to blog returns. 🙂 Thanks for your readership and encouragement!

Comment by windersblog

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