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There’s A New Team in Town!
May 20, 2016, 16:25
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TEAM Photo, 2016 Tucson Saguaros

Last night at Kino Stadium Tucson met its latest pro baseball team, the Tucson Saguaros, of the Pecos (independent) League. Pre-season publicity has been next to nonexistent, so I have a lot of catching up to do if I’m going to blog effectively, but it was a thrill to see a bunch of young athletes dressed out in uniforms bearing the word “Tucson” on them. OUR team! And, in their inaugural season on opening night, they notched a big WIN into the history books (11 to 4). Both the Saguaros and their Santa Fe Fuego opponents showed a bit of early season awkwardness (Fuego ended with more errors than runs), but the kids had energy and already seem to be a cohesive team unit. The field was in excellent condition, the moon was nearly full, there was beer and food…a perfect evening of baseball fun! True, there are signs the team is operating on a shoestring budget. True, there weren’t very many fans in the stands. But also true: our new team played with heart and enthusiasm. They’re going to be a joy to follow this season: I hope you’ll check them out! They only play at Kino Stadium on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. You’ll find them at Bisbee on Sundays and on the road the rest of the time. First pitch at 7pm; GA tickets (and almost all seats are GA) are $7.50. Check them out, baseball fans!

More info here: (and follow them on Facebook!)

(Disclaimer – This posting has not been reviewed or approved by Pima County, the Tucson Saguaros, Pecos League, or any other baseball official and represents the views and biases of the author alone)


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